No valid Oracle clients found. You need at least one 32-bit client properly configured.

Problem : Description: This error occurs when we try to connect an Oracle database, through a Client like Toad for Oracle etc.. The error clearly says an 32-bit Oracle client need to be installed properly inorder to access the database. Solution: Download and install Client from given link. Link : you should install the client […]

TOAD Grand Error on Oracle Database

I recently received the following error while trying to connect to a database. Error Message : “Access to the following views required: V$SESSION, V$PROCESS, V$SESS_IO, V$SESSION_WAIT, V$SESSION_EVENT, V$ACCESS, V$SESSSTAT, V$STATNAME, V$OPEN_CURSOR, V$SQL, V$LOCK, V$SESSION_LONGOPS, SYS.V_$TRANSACTION, SYS.V_$ROLLNAME, V$SQLTEXT_WITH_NEWLINES” Solution : Open a Linux  terminal and enter the SQL*Plus command: sqlplus /as sysdba SQL> Grant select any […]