error invoking target irman oracle of makefile

I’m getting the following error when trying to install Oracle12c.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 20.48.51

This “error invoking target irman ioracle of makefile” error comes when required library is missing.

INFO: /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/bin/orald -o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/oracle -m64 -z noexecstack -Wl,--disable-new-dtags -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/ -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/stubs/ -Wl,-E /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/opimai.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ssoraed.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ttcsoi.o -Wl,--whole-archive -lperfsrv12 -Wl,--no-whole-archive /u01/app/g
INFO: rid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/nautab.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naeet.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naect.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naedhs.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/config.o -lserver12 -lodm12 -lcell12 -lnnet12 -lskgxp12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lxml12 -lcore12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lnls12 -lclient12 -lvsn12 -lcommon12 -lgeneric12 -lknlopt `if /usr/bin/ar tv /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/
INFO: rdbms/lib/libknlopt.a | grep xsyeolap.o > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then echo "-loraolap12" ; fi` -lskjcx12 -lslax12 -lpls12 -lrt -lplp12 -lserver12 -lclient12 -lvsn12 -lcommon12 -lgeneric12 `if [ -f /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/libavserver12.a ] ; then echo "-lavserver12" ; else echo "-lavstub12"; fi` `if [ -f /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/libavclient12.a ] ; then echo "-lavclient12" ; fi` -lknlopt -lslax12 -lpls12 -lrt -lplp12 -ljavavm12 -lserver12 -lwwg `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid
INFO: /lib/ldflags` -lncrypt12 -lnsgr12 -lnzjs12 -ln12 -lnl12 -lnro12 `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/ldflags` -lncrypt12 -lnsgr12 -lnzjs12 -ln12 -lnl12 -lnnzst12 -lzt12 -lztkg12 -lmm -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lxml12 -lcore12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lnls12 -lztkg12 `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/ldflags` -lncrypt12 -lnsgr12 -lnzjs12 -ln12 -lnl12 -lnro12 `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/ldflags` -lncrypt12 -lnsgr1
INFO: 2 -lnzjs12 -ln12 -lnl12 -lnnzst12 -lzt12 -lztkg12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lxml12 -lcore12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lnls12 `if /usr/bin/ar tv /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/libknlopt.a | grep "kxmnsd.o" > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then echo " " ; else echo "-lordsdo12 -lserver12"; fi` -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/ctx/lib/ -lctxc12 -lctx12 -lzx12 -lgx12 -lctx12 -lzx12 -lgx12 -lordimt12 -lclsra12 -ldbcfg12 -lhasgen12 -lskgxn2 -lnnzst12 -lzt
INFO: 12 -lxml12 -locr12 -locrb12 -locrutl12 -lhasgen12 -lskgxn2 -lnnzst12 -lzt12 -lxml12 -lgeneric12 -loraz -llzopro -lorabz2 -lipp_z -lipp_bz2 -lippdcemerged -lippsemerged -lippdcmerged -lippsmerged -lippcore -lippcpemerged -lippcpmerged -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lxml12 -lcore12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lnls12 -lsnls12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lxml12 -lcore12 -lunls12 -lsnls12 -lnls12 -lcore12 -ln
INFO: ls12 -lasmclnt12 -lcommon12 -lcore12 -laio -lons `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/sysliblist` -Wl,-rpath,/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib -lm `cat /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/sysliblist` -ldl -lm -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib

INFO: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljavavm12
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

INFO: make: *** [/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/oracle] Error 1

INFO: End output from spawned process.
INFO: ----------------------------------
INFO: Exception thrown from action: make
Exception Name: MakefileException
Exception String: Error in invoking target 'irman ioracle' of makefile '/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/'. See '/u01/app/oraInventory/logs/installActions2015-11-22_09-41-37AM.log' for details.
Exception Severity:

Connect to root :

[code language=”css”]

[root@ermankara] cp /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/javavm/jdk/jdk6/lib/libjavavm12.a /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib/.


That’s all.

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