DBCA Templates Provided by Oracle

Here in DBCA we have to choose the template of our database which means that here we have to choose what kind of database we want to create.

Here we have 3 options:

Data warehouse : 

Users perform numerous, complex queries that process large volumes of data. Response time, accuracy, and availability are key issues.

These queries (SELECT statements) range from a fetch of a few records to queries that sort thousands of records from many different tables.

General Purpose or Transaction processing:

Many concurrent users perform numerous transactions that require rapid access to data. Availability, speed, concurrency, and recoverability are key issues.

Transactions consist of reading (SELECT statements), writing (INSERT and UPDATE statements), and deleting (DELETE statements) data in database tables.

Custom database : 

This template allows you maximum flexibility in defining a database because you can change any of the settings for the database being created.


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