Linux d.bin command

Hello, Some useful Oracle RAC Database commands in daily use Background Processes fraudms80:/dev#cd fraudms80:/home/oracle#ps -ef |grep d.bin oracle 7536914 1 0 10:17:18 – 0:00 /oracle/product/ reboot oracle 12452116 1 0 10:17:38 – 0:00 /oracle/product/ oracle 14287240 1 0 10:17:38 – 0:00 /oracle/product/ oracle 23200164 12452116 0 10:17:39 – 0:00 /oracle/product/ -o /oracle/product/ -l /oracle/product/ fraudms80:/home/oracle# […]

Oracle ASM crs_stat command

Using crs_stat you can see all the services up and running. Each of these services are set to start on boot. [ermandemo@oracle grid]$ crs_stat NAME=ora.DATA.dg TYPE=ora.diskgroup.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on newhost NAME=ora.LISTENER.lsnr TYPE=ora.listener.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on newhost NAME=ora.asm TYPE=ora.asm.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on newhost NAME=ora.cssd TYPE=ora.cssd.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on newhost NAME=ora.diskmon TYPE=ora.diskmon.type TARGET=ONLINE STATE=ONLINE on newhost [ermandemo@oracle […]

AIX server : The file access permissions do not allow the specified action Error Solutions !

Hello, my server version AIX fraudms80 2 7 00CC51B74C00 while copy folder, creating a new folder or etc. is returning: The file access permissions do not allow the specified action Error.  the file is being copied with the expected permissions so why is AIX giving me this error? Look for the dot “.” directory, ownership […]

Sequences (Autonumber) Drop, Create, Alter commands.

In Oracle, you can create an autonumber field by using sequences. A sequence is an object in Oracle that is used to generate a number sequence. This can be useful when you need to create a unique number to act as a primary key. Oracle SQL Syntax : SELECT last_number FROM all_sequences WHERE sequence_owner = […]

ORA-01555 or Alter _highthreshold_undoretention integer

hello, Setting either of this parameter will limit high value of undo retention like as ; Description: _highthreshold_undoretention integer : high threshold undo_retention in seconds connect as sysdba alter system set “_HIGHTHRESHOLD_UNDORETENTION=21600” SCOPE=spfile; you need to close and open database !! SQL> show parameter undo; NAME TYPE ———————————— ——————————– VALUE —————————— _highthreshold_undoretention integer 17200 undo_management string […]

Oracle Grid installation: fails with “Oracle Restart stack is not act fails during execution for an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11.2 installation with following messages . “Oracle Grid installation: fails with “Oracle Restart stack is not act” Step 1: Clead up the ASM Disks Once you attempt an installation, your ASM disks are marked as being used, so they can no longer be used as […]