ORA-01555 Error

Hello, how much is the tablepace size ? Connect to sqlplus from your terminal than run this sql commands. SELECT d.undo_size/(1024*1024) as UNDO_SIZE, SUBSTR(e.value,1,25) as UNDO_RETENTION, ROUND((d.undo_size / (to_number(f.value) * g.undo_block_per_sec))) as OPTIMUM_UNDO_RETENTION FROM ( SELECT SUM(a.bytes) undo_size FROM v$datafile a, v$tablespace b, dba_tablespaces c WHERE c.contents = ‘UNDO’ AND c.status = ‘ONLINE’ AND b.name […]

Check undo tablespace size oracle 11g or 12c

SELECT SUM(a.bytes) as UNDO_SIZE  FROM v$datafile a, v$tablespace b, dba_tablespaces c  WHERE c.contents = ‘UNDO’   AND c.status = ‘ONLINE’    AND b.name = c.tablespace_name   AND a.ts# = b.ts#; Output: UNDO_SIZE 3.7770E+10 find the number of undo block per second; SELECT TO_NUMBER(value) as DB_BLOCK_SIZE FROM v$parameter WHERE name = ‘db_block_size’; Output: DB_BLOCK_SIZE ————- 8192 1 row […]

How can we check if a partition of a table exists?

Hello, Partitions : Maintenance of large tables and indexes can become very time and resource consuming. At the same time, data access performance can reduce drastically for these objects. Partitioning of tables and indexes can benefit the performance and maintenance in several ways. Partition independance means backup and recovery operations can be performed on individual […]