This tutorial gives you an introduction on how to perform Oracle DB backup using RMAN. For the impatient, here is the quick snippet, that takes RMAN backup of both database and archive logs. We write ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME in the Oracle user profile file. .bash_profile export ORACLE_SID=db12c export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/db_home1 We create the dbscripts folder under […]

Hello, İf you are getting the following error when installing Oracle Database 11g R2 on RHEL  operating system, the solution is very simple. in $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/lib/  Search for the line: $(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL) $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/lib/  file. Search for the line: $(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL) Change it to: $(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL) -lnnz11 171 #=========================== 172 # emdctl 173 #=========================== 174 175 $(SYSMANBIN)emdctl: 176 $(MK_EMAGENT_NMECTL) New […]

ORA 28040 no machine authentication protocol Error. I am trying to connect with Plsql Developer to Oracle databse Oracle 12c in Oracle Linux 7.3 system. However, whenever i run my application i get following exception. Error messages summary : “connect error, ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol” Bug number -> 14575666 Solutions 1 :  1. Connect […]

I’m getting the following error when trying to install Oracle12c. This “error invoking target irman ioracle of makefile” error comes when required library is missing. INFO: /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/bin/orald -o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/oracle -m64 -z noexecstack -Wl,–disable-new-dtags -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/ -L/u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/stubs/ -Wl,-E /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/opimai.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ssoraed.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/ttcsoi.o -Wl,–whole-archive -lperfsrv12 -Wl,–no-whole-archive /u01/app/g INFO: rid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/nautab.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naeet.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naect.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/lib/naedhs.o /u01/app/grid/product/12.1.0/grid/rdbms/lib/config.o -lserver12 -lodm12 -lcell12 -lnnet12 -lskgxp12 […]

infoFence, is a 3rd. party real time security database software for Oracle databases. SCOPE Login Control DDL/DCL (Database Definition & Control Language) Control DML (Data Manipulation Language)/QUERY Control Database and Application Error Detection System Conditional Table Access Logging System. It is installed into Oracle Databases (10g,11g,12c) and runs using Database Triggers and optionally be integrated […]

I found a script from for starting database automatically when server is started. I tested this script on 11g single instance Oracle 11g database and RHEL operating systems. This script must be run as a OS service so, we must create a service file under “init.d” directory. I named this file “orclScript”. You can […]

How to set LOCAL_LISTENER Parameter in Oracle Databases

Sometimes, you need to set local_listener parameter to defne listener to database. I always make syntax error when trying to set local_listener parameter. Basically, you can open sqlplus and execute below command to set local_listener. Connet to sqlplus as sysdba ALTER SYSTEM SET LOCAL_LISTENER='(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOl=TCP)(HOST=myhost)(PORT=1521))’ SCOPE=BOTH; Hits: 14


When I selected Device –> Share Folder Settings. Folder name : oracle So I had to install the Guest Additions. First select Devices and the “Insert Guest Additions CD image : Connect to the linux server and mount the CD-image : [code language=”css”] [root@ermankara oracle]# mkdir /mnt/cdrom [/code] [code language=”css”] [root@ermankara oracle]# mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom/ mount: […]

Wget: command not found error on OEL 6.8

error => bash : wget command not found. Use the wget utility to download the repository configuration file that is appropriate for your system. [code language=”css”] [root@ermankara ~]# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/ [root@ermankara yum.repos.d]# wget <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl=""><wbr />yum-ol6.repo</a> bash: wget: command not found [/code] Is wget installed? [code language=”css”] [root@ermankara yum.repos.d]# rpm -q wget package […]